Tactical Solutions Inc. - FAQ



General Questions

What are TacSol business hours? 

Sales:                    Monday-Friday         8AM – 4:00 PM Mountain Time
Technical Support:  Monday – Thursday  7AM – 4:00 PM Mountain Time

We are closed the following days:

New Year's Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving
Memorial Day

 Why should I purchase TacSol products? 

TacSol products are the best in the market and are designed to bring pride in ownership.  Our products are so unique that owners of our products show them off to friends and peers..  Simply put, we make shooting and hunting more fun.  

 What makes TacSol barrels better than others? 

 TacSol is an original pioneer in the lightweight barrel and firearm industry.  Our products have been copied and imitated by many firearm companies, large and small.   However, none have been able to duplicate the accuracy, craftsmanship, durability, functionality, weight reduction, and features our barrels possess.

How long has TacSol been in business? 

Since 2002

Does TacSol have a warranty?

Tactical Solutions stands by its products and has extremely high standards for customer support and service.  Our customer service and technical support track-record are top-notch and unbeatable. 
Why are some products not available to purchase online? 

Some of our products are serialized and legally require in-person delivery and paperwork.   Our products are available through Dealers throughout the United States.  

Are barrels and other products difficult to install? 

All of our products are easy to install and most have “how-to” installation videos available on-line. 

What are TacSol's shipping costs? 

$0 to $9.99 order:  $1.00 shipping

$10 to $99.99 order:  $8 shipping

$100 and above:  Free shipping

When will my order ship?

Online orders placed through Tactical Solutions website are processed within 2 to 3 business days following order placement, dependent on availability. Upon placing an order via our website, your credit card will be authorized for the order amount.  The credit card will be charged when your order is shipped.  Some TacSol products are not legal in all states and therefore TacSol will not ship items to states where items are not legal. 

We Do Not Ship on the Following Holidays:

New Year's Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving
Memorial Day

How do I return a TacSol product?

For the return of product purchased direct from the TacSol website, see the “Returns” section on our website. Purchases from Dealers or other sellers are subject to that specific Dealer or sellers’ return policy. Sale items are not eligible for refund or exchange.

How do I get service or repair help for a TacSol product?

For service and repair instruction, go to the  “Returns” section on our website and reference the “Product Service Policy” section. 

Product Questions

 What .22LR ammunition do you recommend for your products?

X-Ring Rifles/barrels, Pac-Lite Uppers and Trail-Lite barrels:

 We recommend CCI Blazer for general shooting at a good price, for best accuracy we recommend high quality match ammunition such as Lapua Center X.  We recommend trying multiple types to determine which ammunition your barrel prefers best.   For shooting suppressed we recommend the CCI Clean-22 Sub-Sonic ammunition.  There is also a high velocity version of the clean ammunition that looks to be good for general shooting.  We have found this ammunition to have significantly lower amounts of fouling buildup compared to other ammunition.

TSG-22 Conversions: 

We recommend for best results with the TSG-22 .22LR conversion use high velocity ammunition with a 40 grain round nose bullet. We do not recommend the use of “Hyper Velocity” .22LR ammunition.

Can I shoot “Hyper Velocity” .22LR ammunition in my TacSol product?

We do not recommend using “Hyper Velocity” .22LR ammunition with the longer case length such as the CCI Stinger.  However, you can shoot any commercially produced .22LR ammunition in your TacSol product that provides you the results that you are looking for.

What is your recommended barrel break-in?

We recommend cleaning the barrel before shooting the first time with one piece cleaning rod that is properly sized for the bore diameter, a high quality bore cleaning solvent, a properly fitting patch/jag combination and nylon or bronze brush.  Always clean the barrel from the breech end making sure not to damage the barrel’s crown as the patch or brush exits the muzzle.

Once the barrel has been cleaned for the first time it is ready for shooting.  There is no additional break-in steps required.

After shooting the barrel we recommend cleaning it and coating the bore with a light coat of oil, to help prevent rust or corrosion, before storage. 

What twist rate do you use in your barrels?

All of our .22LR barrels have a 1 in 16” rate of twist.

What size threads do your barrels come with?

All of our threaded barrels are threaded 1/2” X 28.

Can I order a barrel without a threaded end?

Our .22LR conversions come with the option of threaded or non-threaded barrel.  

Our X-Ring, Pac-Lite, Trail-Lite and other barrels all come standard with a ½ x 28 threaded barrel.  If you live in a location does not allow to have a thread barrel on your firearm we can permanently attach the thread protector to your barrel.  Please contact our sales department, 866-333-9901, about ordering.

What is the difference between the X-Ring and X-Ring VR rifles/receivers?

The X-RING VR Receiver is ambidextrous in design, in that the bolt charging handle can be mounted on the left or right side of the bolt.  X-RING Receivers (without a “VR” following their name) do not allow for left hand charging and the bolt charging handle is located only on the right side.  Regardless of whether you have an X-Ring VR or X-Ring, spent cases eject from the right side. 

WARNING: This product contains (one of more) chemicals including lead, known to the State of California to cause (cancer and) birth defects or other reproductive problems. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gove (Wash hands after handling.)