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In short, Tactical Solutions makes shooting a rifle and pistol more accurate, fun and exciting. TacSol doesn’t JUST make rifles and accessories, we make rifles and accessories you are proud to own, show off to others, and shoot. Our products are easily identifiable and draw attention from peers with their display of color and impeccable craftsmanship. TacSol products appeal to everyone and our customers are diverse; new shooters, experienced shooters, hunters, backpackers, range shooters, outdoor lifestyle shooters, and competitive shooters. Tactical Solutions was established in 2002 in Boise, Idaho and has established itself as the market leader in highly accurate .22 long rifle and rimfire products. For 19 years, our innovative designs and craftsmanship have set high industry standards others have attempted but are unable to replicate. Nearly two decades ago, TacSol began making our Pac-Lite, a highly accurate, light-weight barrel for the Ruger® Mark I, II, III and 22/45®. Since then, our line of products has expanded to include lightweight and highly accurate complete .22 rifles, complete .22 takedown rifles, Ruger® 10/22® barrels, Ruger® 10/22® Takedown barrels, Ruger® Mark IV™ barrels, Browning® Buck Mark® barrels, .22lr silencers, and integrally suppressed barrels for pistols and rifles. In addition to barrels and suppressors, TacSol manufactures lightweight 10/22® receivers, lightweight 10/22® Takedown receivers, and realistic weight and realistic feel conversions for Glock® pistol models 17/22 and 19/23 that easily turn your Glock® into a .22lr shooting platform.  

For those who have purchased our products, thank you for your patronage and your continued support.  For those who are purchasing our products for the first time, you are going to love your TacSol experience.  A big “Thank You” to all our customers!

WARNING: This product contains (one of more) chemicals including lead, known to the State of California to cause (cancer and) birth defects or other reproductive problems. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gove (Wash hands after handling.)